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さつき盆栽花季展 / Satsuki azalea bonsai exhibition

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I’d rather you tell me what I lack before you leave, I can’t keep obsessing over it. I can’t keep guessing and blindly working on it.
Now I’m here feeling like a missing number, hating myself for what I am and what I am not. Always outside the circles of friends looking up.
I think about how much I miss my brother and the reason he moved back. This must be how he felt as well, but it’s too late for me to go back. The foundation is gone and I don’t wanna have to start again.

One day everyone will leave and I’d be left with nothing.

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Artist: Daughters
Song: Crotch Buffet
Album: Hell Songs
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Artist: Punch
Song: Worth More Than Your Opinion
Album: They Don't Have To Believe
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ART HISTORY MEME || [2/9] paintings: The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai (c. 1829–32) +

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Thank you so fucking much.

im in teaaars

I will never not reblog this because this guy right here is the best example you could ever have for how to care for an animal in need.

Props to this guy. Thank you for doing what the rest of us wernt around for.

This is amazing.

This is so beautiful

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